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30-goal Tip Multi-Goal with fixes/improvements/additions + Optional Hidden Show feature

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Last Updated: 07/21/2019 at 21:31 GMT (Changelog at bottom of page)

Transparency Statement: Please note that this app was specifically uploaded for The_Big_Bad_Wolf (TBBW) to assist new Broadcasters; therefore, he has automatic command permissions to assist you if present in your room and you request his assistance (e.g. adding new goals, setting goal-timers, starting/ending hidden-show, etc.).

Further note: as pertaining to the ticket / hidden-show feature, TBBW is NOT automatically added to the viewer list (said list can be seen by the Broadcaster by simply typing "/tickets"). Also, for the sake of abuse-prevention, any time a user is manually added to the hidden-show viewer list via the /admit command by either TBBW or any Mod(s) or Tech(s) you've added in the launch page field, a Chat Notice is sent to the Broadcaster and any Mods showing who added who. In the event you'd like for TBBW to provide app-support during a hidden-show, then you may simply add him by typing "/admit the_big_bad_wolf" (doing so is wholly at your discretion based upon your desre for assistance).

To find out more about TBBW and to learn "The Top Things For New Models To Know", visit his CB-profile

For a multi-function bot with improved & expanded functionality for 2019 and beyond, see

Want to track tip-data on an monthly or/and ongoing basis for various uses? Use


- 30 goal-fields (use what you need, leave the rest blank); can add/delete/skip goals while the app is running and add/remove tokens from the goal-counter for correction or/and promotional use

- Optional Hidden-Show that auto-starts upon the last goal being met (separate pre-show and in-progess price settings available); your Mods and CB Fan Club members are automatically able to see the hidden-show

- An emergency "Dark Mode" that lets Mods/Techs hide the cam-feed in special circumstances to protect the Broadcaster (e.g. fell asleep)

- Other customizeable options (see launch page)

- Broadcaster/Mod/Tech: use "/help" to see all commands



- FIXED: the situation where when a large tip amount meets more than one goal (when goal progression mode is automatic) the large tip messes up the goal/token-counter.

- FIXED: /add (goal) and /delete (goal) deal with the absence of a goal description. Delete forcefully deletes any partly achieved or achieved goals. Add on the other hand keeps excess tokens and counts it towards any new goals added.

- FIXED: loop holes in "/gift" hidden-show ticket command where a mod or fanclub member could technically "gift" tickets for hidden-shows to multiple people by leaving and entering the room repeatedly to get a new ticket then gifting it.

- FIXED: /addtokens and /removetokens update goals and change the room subject and the tips panel correctly.

- FIXED: now total tip count shows the actual tips received, not the virtual tokens (which are got through /addtokens or /removetokens -- done to adjust goals).

(Warning: although /add, /delete, /addtokens and /removetokens commands have had some bug fixes, there is no guarantee that they are absolutely bug free - no software is).

- ADDED: increased goal fields from 8 to 30 (provides more flexibility for creative-use of goals: example is having several small goals like unbuttoning several buttons on a blouse).

- ADDED: when a goal is reached the entire room is clearly notified in chat (see next item for added customization of this feature).

- ADDED: customizable field for the "goal reached" notices (acccepts both emoticons and text).

- ADDED: "/hasticket username" command (to check if a user has a ticket to the hidden show).

- ADDED: "tech support helper" field to add trusted usernames to help run the app without needing to be a CB chat-moderator (red name).

- ADDED: "/godark", "/disablegodark" and "/enablegodark" commands (for mod/tech to hide the cam in situations where public-view is likely detrimental to the model: falls asleep, engages in another activity forbidden by site's terms or law).

- IMPROVED: removed/replaced "/reset" command and split its functionality into two parts: added "/resetgoals" command (restart from first goal without clearing tickets and leader board); added "/resettips" command (restarts from first goal and clears tickets and leader board).

- IMPROVED: commented out debugLog calls (should allow the app to work faster/more efficiently).



- 07/21/2019: Fixed/edited goal-timer countdown and goal not met notices.

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