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Kittycat720's Bio and Free Webcam

Birth Date:
July 2, 1986
Interested In:
Georgia, United States
Last Broadcast:
2 hours, 4 minutes
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Pics & Videos:
Naked vids
Naked pics
About Me:

****PRIVACY POLICY: The use of my profile, in any form online or offline now or in the future is not permissible without my expressed written consent. Any act to promote or gain profit (monetarily or socially) from the use of my profile, video or pictures is a violation of my privacy and subject to legal action in any country. IT IS NOT ALLOWED!
Age: 31
Little age (If applicable): 5
Name: Crystal
Role: little
Years experience (If applicable): less than a year
Location: Georgia
Sexual Orientation: straight
Looking for: Daddy

I have brown hair, green eyes and glasses. I am 5'6" and 250 lbs so I'm definitely BBW. I like playing video games and watching movies. I also like to read books and color on occasion. I have panic disorder with agorophobia, major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder so I need a Daddy that is understanding of this. I'm not a sexual person right from the beginning. I need to trust my Daddy and feel safe with him before my sexual side comes out. I love to be spoiled and can be bratty if I don't get my way. I need a lot of attention and affection so I need a Daddy that I can text/talk with frequently.

What kind of babygirl are you?
Your Result: Spoiled
You are a little feisty. Daddy may have to tell you to bite your tongue on occasion because you enjoy talking back and being a little bratty. Daddy probably has to punish you more than other little girls, especially when you're stubborn. Daddy enjoys being around you because you are a f0rce to be reckoned with and he likes the challenge. You and your Daddy may enjoy: Playfully fighting, making faces at each other, and having eternal arguments over which one of you is a "butthead".
Result Breakdown:
77% Spoiled
43% Princess
34% Sexy
15% Happy-go-lucky
14% Punk

Into: age play (everything to do with it), bare bottom spanking (receiving), bare handed spanking (receiving), biting (receiving), blindfolds (wearing), bondage (receiving), breast/nipple play (receiving), consensual nonconsent play (everything to do with it), daddy/girl (everything to do with it), dildos (everything to do with it), discipline (receiving), fingering (receiving), foot/feet (receiving), hair pulling (receiving), handcuffs (wearing), high heels (wearing), lingerie (wearing), masturbation (everything to do with it), multiple orgasms (receiving), mutual masturbation (everything to do with it), nipples (everything to do with it), oral sex (receiving), pain (receiving), pantyhose/stockings (wearing), pinching (everything to do with it), role play (everything to do with it), sensory deprivation (receiving), spanking (receiving), strap-ons (giving), talking dirty (everything to do with it), toys (everything to do with it), vibrators (everything to do with it).

Curious about: breath play (receiving), candle wax (receiving), chains (wearing), chastity devices (wearing), collar and lead/leash (wearing), doctor/nurse play (receiving), erotic photography (receiving), fisting (receiving), leather (wearing), making home movies (everything to do with it), masochism (receiving), piercings (everything to do with it), rimming (everything to do with it), sadism (receiving), scent (everything to do with it), squirting (everything to do with it), whips (receiving).

Soft limits: anal sex (receiving), ass play (receiving), exhibitionism (everything to do with it), humiliation (receiving), latex (wearing), masks (wearing), master/slave (everything to do with it), nun/priest play (everything to do with it), rubber (everything to do with it), sex in public (everything to do with it), voyeurism (everything to do with it).

Hard limits: caging/confinement (receiving), enemas (everything to do with it), gangbangs (everything to do with it), watersports (everything to do with it).

Ask for e-mail.