Poly's Token Climber Multi-Goal
Author: polymath614
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Short Description:

Same functionality as TOKEN CLIMBER but added the ability to set multiple goals

Full Description

Modified TOKEN CLIMBER and added the ability to set multiple goals, inspired by SkyeWatson.
From Token Climber App from Beanss:
Many tokens are wasted with sequence tips as the tip is too small or too big. This could be because the tipper misunderstood the app, couldn't afford more, was tipping for a request, didn't want to make a large tip or somebody else tipped at the same time for example. Large tip levels can make the goal hard to reach as individuals find the big tips a heavy load to carry.
This app does not waste the tokens as they will build towards climbing to the next level. It also works out the approximate level needed to achieve the desired tokens for the broadcasters goal. Highest total tipper is highlighted in chat and on the info panel.

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